I’m Ben, a product designer happily sipping cappuccinos in the forests of southwest WA state.

I wholeheartedly agree with Steve Jobs when he said, “design is how it works.” As a product designer, my passion is to build real solutions to real problems for real people, and I’m very adept at connecting the dots between what the business is trying to achieve, what our users are trying to do, and what our product team should build.

Whether I’m talking with users on the phone, conducting a usability study, coding a prototype, sketching UI concepts, interviewing stakeholders, or whiteboarding the relationships between objects in a system, I’m keen on helping people accomplish what’s important to them.

I have a great appreciation for system-level thinking. Each decision matters, down to the last detail, but when I’m working with a product team my goal is help everyone think, at a higher level, about the system we’re creating instead of just the pixels on a page. This has led me to tackle some more technical areas of product design and frontend development.

Whatever I’m working on, my goal is to provide real solutions, to real problems, for real people.

On the side, I can’t neglect to mention that I love roasting coffee. It’s yet another area where I get really nerdy… My wife loves the fact that she married a coffee roaster, because I roast decaf that actually tastes good.