I am a professional problem-solver. Currently, I’m working remotely as a Product Designer for Covenant Eyes.

Previously, I ran my own shop providing various services including graphic design, branding, and marketing design.

I believe in truly solving problems, not merely shipping “solutions.” That means my design process is highly investigative. The only way to really know if something is really a problem is to see how it’s impacting real peoples’ lives. The same holds true for solutions. You only know they’re working when you look at how they impact people.

I make sure to talk with people, understand their situation, test ideas with them, immerse myself in their world, and try to see things from their point of view.

Some interesting tidbits

Here are some things you might find interesting about me.

I love whiteboards

As a visual thinker, I do some of my best work when I can quickly scrawl my ideas on a whiteboard. It’s my favorite thinking tool.

I brew kombucha

I’ve been exploring this amazing beverage since early 2016 and have brewed over 100 gallons to date! My latest experiments are taking me into the exotic world of kombucha beer.

I roast coffee

What began as a curiosity about specialty coffee turned into a mild obsession as I transitioned from roasting in popcorn poppers to a wifi-connected miniature drum roaster. Over 250 pounds later I feel like there is still so much to learn!

I love grocery shopping

That thing a lot of people hate doing… I actually love. My wife and I shop together a lot, and lately I’ve begun delivering groceries for other people, too! It’s so satisfying to have such a direct connection between the work I do and the value people receive from it.

I love budgeting

Budgeting is how my wife and I teach our money who’s boss. We’re on track to pay off our first home by the time I turn 30. That wouldn’t be possible were it not for our budget!