I’m Ben, a full-stack product designer with over 10 years of experience designing web applications, conducting user research, and developing brands through online and print media.


Building Job Site Delivery

Over the course of 9 months, I researched, designed, and tested a set of features to help contractors get their materials to the job site.

Usability Testing the “First Experience” of YNAB’s Mobile App

I conducted a 4-person usability study focused on identifying areas of friction encountered by newly-minted “YNABers” in their first experience with the company’s mobile app.

Creating Our First Product Architecture

Several months into building the next version of our flagship product, I collaborated with our product manager to specify which problems, outcomes, and business goals we were addressing, and to help the team connect their daily efforts with larger business objectives.

Designing a “Today View” Widget for YNAB’s Mobile App

This was a voluntary project for You Need a Budget (YNAB), involving business analysis, a small study where I interviewed real users about their experience with the mobile app, and designing a “Today View” widget for iOS.

Refining the Information Architecture of Our E-Commerce Application

6 months into a complete overhaul of our e-commerce application, I accepted the challenge of refining the information architecture and figuring out how to make our interface easier to scale.

Redesigning Our Interface for Exploring Product Variants

I redesigned our e-commerce application’s interface for exploring product variants to provide optimal flexibility and clarity.

Usability Testing a Quantity Conversion Feature

I led a 9-person usability study focused on a newly-released feature. The idea was to make complex quantity conversions simple and fast. The reality? Read on…